And Don’t Come Back!

There seems to be an abundance of young male Ospreys out at Fort Pickens this spring. Yesterday  I spotted at least three air battles between two or three of them squaking and diving at each other.

Meanwhile, the females just want to get their nests built and their eggs laid.

In this image the male that has established this nest with his mate is defending his territory against a very persistent interloper.



Last Year’s Young Female (?)

She looks familiar. I think she may be one of the two females I saw hatched and grown to maturity last year, before their nest was destroyed.  Now – if I’m right – she’s back in the neighborhood. I spotted her today with another female (perhaps her mother, because the other bird is obviously more mature judging from her size and darker color). They were hanging out in a nest very near last year’s destroyed nest, perhaps both looking for a mate.nest-builder