Frustrated Young Osprey

I’ve been watching this yearling female for about six weeks, ever since I saw her perched on top of this dead tree with a few tiny sticks, indicating that she was trying to build a nest. The top of the tree is just a bare stump and there’s nothing to hang stuff on, so it’s been a hard go for her.  But I’ve watched her persist, and admired her determination.

At least two, probably three young males are more than interested in hanging out with her – and, of course, mating. But none of them will step up and help with the nest. So she fends them off constantly and goes back to her task.


Here’s one of the drop-in boyfriends.  He’s so dumb and clumsy he doesn’t know how to approach, so he just lands on her back, flops around for a while then hops away.  But he’ll be back to try again, I’m sure.  If the fool would just bring a few sticks and twigs and try to help out I’m sure everything would be all right.


Meanwhile, all I can do is watch, and root for her to get that nest built. Here, she’s off on another foray to find  good building materials.



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