How I Spent My Sunday Afternoon

Okay. In no particular order – here are a few of the shots I captured yesterday.doesn't-like-to-be-watchedOsprey with his catchfinding-shelterImmature Bald Eagle coming in to roost


Great Blue Heron settling in the top of a treeGBH-perfect-form

Same GBH leaving the tree after being buzzed by a pesky Ospreyshe-refused-the-snack

My favorite couple. He’s bringing her some lunch, but apparently she wasn’t interestedskimmer-1

The Skimmer on the beach


Baldy soaring


Male Osprey soaring

The Skimmer was a bonus. I spotted it alongside the road as I was driving out of the park. there are lots of Least Terns there too, all settling into their colonies, claiming territory and getting ready for egg-laying season.


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