No Contest. This is Today’s Winner

Headed out to Opal Beach first today, hoping to find some Least Tern activity. And – Boy! – did I ever.feeding-mom-with-egg

This nest was within six feet of the road.  Mom is sitting on the first egg. Others are likely to follow in a day or two.  And Dad was shuttling little fish to her as fast as he could. I saw him deliver at least three in a matter of minutes.

Then I moved along, figuring I had intruded enough on this beautiful family.

How I Spent My Sunday Afternoon

Okay. In no particular order – here are a few of the shots I captured yesterday.doesn't-like-to-be-watchedOsprey with his catchfinding-shelterImmature Bald Eagle coming in to roost


Great Blue Heron settling in the top of a treeGBH-perfect-form

Same GBH leaving the tree after being buzzed by a pesky Ospreyshe-refused-the-snack

My favorite couple. He’s bringing her some lunch, but apparently she wasn’t interestedskimmer-1

The Skimmer on the beach


Baldy soaring


Male Osprey soaring

The Skimmer was a bonus. I spotted it alongside the road as I was driving out of the park. there are lots of Least Terns there too, all settling into their colonies, claiming territory and getting ready for egg-laying season.

Exhausting Sunday Afternoon

Busy day on the trail.  I’ve edited about 15 of the 600+ shots I took today. It was a very eventful session – beginning with the huge scratch I got on my wrist as I rode the bike through some spooky brush that jumped out to attack me. After I stopped the bleeding and stood in my favorite spot on the trail  … NOTHING happened for at least 45 minutes. I was dripping with sweat. People who passed had to be wondering what this crazy  looking old guy was doing.

Then all hell broke loose. Four Ospreys suddenly swarmed around. A group of gulls flew in. My two favorite Ospreys couldn’t decide who would fish and who would hold down the nest.  And then – out of nowhere – the young Bald Eagle soared onto the scene, being chased by those gulls. Shortly after he escaped into a tall Pine, a Great Blue Heron soared right past him and lit in the top of a nearby Pine. Then an Osprey dove at the GBH and he took off.  And that was all before I finished off my lemonade fortified sweet tea.

So … here’s the only image I’m going to share at the moment.  Not that there aren’t a lot more. It’s just too hard to decide what to do with them.

So – here’s your immature Bald Eagle, very angry at the gulls who were chasing him. (I know it’s not a great shot. He was pretty far away. But I like the action.)be-under-attack