The Vigil

This chick should be grown and flying by now, catching its own food and developing it’s powerful flying skills.

But it isn’t.the-vigil

Of the eleven Osprey chicks I’ve followed this season, this is the only one left behind.

She seems to sit upright, and flaps her wings a bit from time to time. But that’s about all.

I first realized her problem Saturday and went back out this morning. Saturday she was all alone in the nest, but today her mother was there, Not tending the chick, and I didn’t see if she was feeding her, but there nevertheless.

Nature will work it out I’m sure. It always does.

(Added after I watched the video recorded today: I didn’t realize she’s doing a lot of vocalizing. I mean a LOT.  Maybe she’s stronger than I think. And maybe she just got a slow start. That’s what I’m hoping.  I posted some of the video on Facebook, if you’re interested.)


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