End of the Season


Today I went out to see if there were any Ospreys left at Fort Pickens.  And I found none at my usual haunts. They must all have flown south for the season.

So, instead, I spotted this Cooper’s Hawk in Osprey territory.



Then, as I was driving out, I spotted what I though was an Eagle way off to the north side of the road.  I wasn’t sure until I got the images home and up on the computer.  Surprise! It’s not only an Osprey, but it appears to be an adult male. Very odd for this late in the year. Maybe he’s decided to hang here with us through the winter.


So … back on the mainland I stop off at Linda’s, where she and Chad are sitting on her front porch having a beer. And guess what!? There, in a tree right across the street sits another friggin’ Osprey!

So, here I had driven all the way out to FP and this damn bird was less than three blocks from home. I was so mad I didn’t even take his picture (well, not a very good one anyhow).


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