Happy New Year!

For this last day of the year, I’m sharing my space with this handsome fellow, who seemed to think that a leisurely stroll  on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico was just the right way to enjoy a December day.



How Long …

… have Laughing Gulls gathered on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico, to argue and laugh? To share information about the best spot to scoop up a meal?

And then to lift off effortlessly and soar up and down the beach as if they owned the place?  Which, of course, they do.


(This image was modified using certain tools in Photoshop. I kind of like it. But, more importantly, Jerri likes it!)

GBH Just Hangin’ Out

This guy is closer to the road than usual.  I think the Ospreys have scared the Great Blue Herons back deeper into the woods at Fort Pickens in the past couple of years.

But once the Ospreys migrate out of here for the winter, the GBHs have the run of the place and can hangout wherever they want.

Until March, of course.  Then the rowdies all come back home for nesting season.gbh-1