Side Trip To The Pelican Place

Went to the bank this morning, then took a side trip down to Palafox Pier.

Met this handsome youngster. It looks like he’s quite pleased with himself, as his breeding colors start to show. The yellow head and topknot will get darker, the red on his beak will brighten, and that magnificent hook at the end of his beak will become bright, bright chartreuse.

Hope he finds a cute girlfriend!



The Amazing Ladder-Back …

… Great Blue Heron with an interesting pattern of shadows on his back.  This young guy was just hanging out near the bike trail Monday.

It’s interesting that during this time of year the bird populations worth watching are the Pelicans and GBHs.  The Great Blues are especially visible because they’re more out in the open. When the Ospreys return, they’ll be driven back into the trees that are deeper in the forest and away from the roads and trails.