Love is in the Air

Osprey porn everywhere today.  Some of them don’t even have a nest.

These two were literally out on a limb!


Then they found a more stable branch.


Meahwhile, on the other side of the trail …


And back at Big Momma’s place behind the picnic shelter …


And, of course, all this leads to the occasional squabble …


This past Sunday morning, I saw 22 Ospreys soaring over the Sound, looking for breakfast, just after dawn. Of course, I only had the long lens, so I couldn’t capture the whole crowd. But it was awesome to see. Much more awesome, let’s say, than those noisy blue things that roar around out there these days.


Wow! What A Day!

So much to share. I went out at 6 a.m. – an unheard-of hour for me. But for some reason I woke up very early, full of energy.

So … Sunrise through the trees


His first romantic visit of the morningearly-morning-canoodling

Pelicans and Cormorants filled the waters of the Sound.  And above them – impossible to photograph all in one shot – there were 22 Ospreys soaring, looking for their first meal of the day. All at once!pelis-&-cormorants

He’s back. But this time he’s just showing off.beautiful-boy

Then he brought her a fresh juicy needlefish. Yum!you-brought-me-a-needle-fish

And after that, he was ready for more canoodling.brace-yourself,-effie

And, down the road, I found this Mockingbird – with a definite attitide. (But don’t ALL Mockingbirds have an attitude?)


And one last shot – simply because it’s that kinda day. I call this one “Still Life With Pine Candles.”


It Was A Windy, Drab Day

But I still got to check on the troops.  Here, I found Big Momma and her paramour nestled inside a huge Pine tree, sheltering from the wind. No nest building today.


And just down the road I found the only pair of Ospreys in the area who seem to have the smart idea of building a nest in a LIVE tree.  These two have been in this same place for several years.


The Plot Thickens

Yesterday was kind of a banner day at the old Osprey Whisperer’s pop stand. Interesting developments at both of my favorite nests.

Big Momma seems to have a partner (though I’m not at all sure it’s the guy she was hanging out with last year).  Still, he’s trying to do his part.

I’m not sure she’s all that impressed:


And the female who’s hanging out down the road on the impossible tree also seems to have a boyfriend. They’re both soaring through the trees as if they’re gathering nesting materials. But I’m not sure they’re building a nest THERE.  Maybe they’re just using it as an observation post.


Two Exciting Developments

1.The big female from last year’s nest (see yesterday’s post) was back in the nest today.  All alone, and apparently inviting gentleman callers. But I’m almost positive it’s the same bird. That necklace is distinctive.


Don’t know what may have happened to the other female who was trying to establish a beachhead yesterday. But I’m guessing Big Momma swept in and drove her out without too much trouble. Now I’m wondering if the visiting boyfriend I saw today is her old partner, or if she’s in the market for a replacement. At the moment she seems to be occupying the nest alone, but with brief visits for a little canoodling.

Still, she’s not working on the nest. She’s just sitting there. So maybe she’s waiting on old what’s-his-name to come back. And having a dalliance or two to pass the time.

2. From last year: Remember that crazy female who insisted on building a nest on an impossible tree?  But finally succeeded once her boyfriend pitched in.  And then they had the largest family (3 chicks) on the island!

That nest got blown down some time last fall. The entire top of the tree broke off.

So, guess what – she’s back. Or else there’s another Osprey just as crazy and determined as she was. She started laying down sticks on the stump today.


Watching to see what happens next is going to be fun.

One of today’s interesting developments

I’ve been waiting a couple of weeks to see if my favorite couple returns to their traditional nest. So I was excited today to see a female on the nest. I thought they’d returned.

But tonight, carefully examining the photos of the female today with one of the best shots from last season, I realize that these clearly are not the same bird.

Here she is from last year:


And this is the one I caught today:


Their necklaces of dark spots are very different.

Which brings up the question: Is this a new young female who has just decided to  appropriate this nest, since it’s obviously been left empty? Apparently so. And what happens when and if the original couple shows up?

I think I know.  I’ve followed these two for more than a couple of years. And they don’t take kindly to strangers, or interlopers.

The drama continues.

Lots of Activity

Yesterday at FP. The competition for existing nests is getting fierce.  This male had to fend off an invader time and time again.fending-off-the-invader5368-2

While, down the road, two pairs of Ospreys were vying for another existing nest. The females (one of them very young) were really going at it. And all four of them were soaring high overhead screaming at each other.


Still, a few of the old guard are settling in, repairing last year’s nests, and apparently behaving themselves.

On the new road it’s possible to see at least three fresh water ponds that used to be too far away.  And right next to one of them – TWO Bald Eagles.

Where’s My Nest?

The nest in this tree was built from scratch last season. And now it’s gone.  High winds will do that to a rotten old tree.

But this guy seems to be wondering where his home went. Could be the male from the pair that built the nest. Or it could be one of the three chicks that were born there.

It’ll be interesting to see if construction is about to begin on an entirely new nest here.where's-my-nest-

Walking Iris

I didn’t know that these plants will pop a new bossom out of the same stem as an old one. But they do. And this morning I got three of ’em!

These two were perfectly together, so I had to get above them and shoot down.

Nice. Huh?IMG_5410