Two Exciting Developments

1.The big female from last year’s nest (see yesterday’s post) was back in the nest today.  All alone, and apparently inviting gentleman callers. But I’m almost positive it’s the same bird. That necklace is distinctive.


Don’t know what may have happened to the other female who was trying to establish a beachhead yesterday. But I’m guessing Big Momma swept in and drove her out without too much trouble. Now I’m wondering if the visiting boyfriend I saw today is her old partner, or if she’s in the market for a replacement. At the moment she seems to be occupying the nest alone, but with brief visits for a little canoodling.

Still, she’s not working on the nest. She’s just sitting there. So maybe she’s waiting on old what’s-his-name to come back. And having a dalliance or two to pass the time.

2. From last year: Remember that crazy female who insisted on building a nest on an impossible tree?  But finally succeeded once her boyfriend pitched in.  And then they had the largest family (3 chicks) on the island!

That nest got blown down some time last fall. The entire top of the tree broke off.

So, guess what – she’s back. Or else there’s another Osprey just as crazy and determined as she was. She started laying down sticks on the stump today.


Watching to see what happens next is going to be fun.


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