Wow! What A Day!

So much to share. I went out at 6 a.m. – an unheard-of hour for me. But for some reason I woke up very early, full of energy.

So … Sunrise through the trees


His first romantic visit of the morningearly-morning-canoodling

Pelicans and Cormorants filled the waters of the Sound.  And above them – impossible to photograph all in one shot – there were 22 Ospreys soaring, looking for their first meal of the day. All at once!pelis-&-cormorants

He’s back. But this time he’s just showing off.beautiful-boy

Then he brought her a fresh juicy needlefish. Yum!you-brought-me-a-needle-fish

And after that, he was ready for more canoodling.brace-yourself,-effie

And, down the road, I found this Mockingbird – with a definite attitide. (But don’t ALL Mockingbirds have an attitude?)


And one last shot – simply because it’s that kinda day. I call this one “Still Life With Pine Candles.”



2 thoughts on “Wow! What A Day!”

  1. These shots are wonderful. Sunrise in the trees is gorgeous, somehow old fashioned, and romantic. The sun catching the osprey’s wing and tail feathers makes him look like a painting; his wing action overall is impressive–I hope his girl appreciated it. And I like the alignment of verticals mixed with feather needles in the pine candle shot.

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