It’s Been That Kinda’ Day

As I had feared, following the recent heavy rain, the nest of that one lone Least Tern has disappeared. Maybe her eggs hatched and they were all able to escape to higher ground. But I doubt it. There were, however quite a few Terns, grownups and large chicks, running around in the area.

Plus! There were these funny Sandwich Terns, all just hanging out at the beach, as well. I had to look them up because they’re not like the Royal Terns we see around here most of the time. (Hint: they have black bills with a yellow tip.)


Then, of course, off to check on those two hesitant Osprey chicks I’ve been following since way before they were even born. And the news is good.

Look who’s flying!


This is the male chick. He made a beautiful landing on the nest,

new-kids-flying-2where he hung out for a while before going off to the family’s favorite Pine tree to pester his big sister.



She, of course, ignored him. And she is a beauty!  Looks so much like her mother, with that magnificent string of brown jewels on her chest.


They both kept a close watch on me as I walked very slowly toward their tree. But they were not skittish, and allowed me to get right up under them.

Apparently, the parents had already left and these two are really on their own. It’s sad to see the season end, but it’s good to know that Ospreys and Least Terns will be back again next year.fuzzy-head

Yes, even the ones like this young male with wild and crazy hair who have spent the entire season in this exact spot – without a mate – but always with a fresh-caught fish. Maybe he’ll get lucky next year.


One thought on “It’s Been That Kinda’ Day”

  1. The markings on those osprey chicks are gorgeous, especially when seen in flight. And the bro’ sticking his tongue out at his sis’ is particularly amusing. Great shots!

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