Sitting on the Grass

Yesterday I rode my bike for the first time in about two months. It’s just been too hot, and I’ve been cautioned by people who understand my health a lot better than I do that I shouldn’t do stupid things – like riding my bike in the summer in Florida!

But yesterday wasn’t so bad. Still hot, but a fall-like kinda hot. With a breeze. you know …

So.  I peddled rather slowly over to Admiral Mason Park, parked the bike and walked across the grass to sit about ten feet from the shoreline of the lake there.

From one spot, sitting there on the grass, in about three minutes, I captured these images.

The curious turtle who kept popping up to check me out. And he didn’t particularly care for the noise my camera made, because every time I’d click, he’d duck under the water for a few seconds.watching-me

A tiny damselfly, who courteously lit for just a few seconds right in front of me. Pretty little thing – barely an inch long.


And then there were all these yellow thing-doodles and big green leaves. (I seem to have a complete mental block about them. I can never remember the proper name. And I know they’re NOT regular water lilies.)


So. It was hot, as I said. And I called it a day.  But it was a GOOD day.  I love my old silly bicycle.

Think I’ll ride it again someday …


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