Beach Minimalism

Today, at Opal Beach – actually out for a bike ride – I stopped and strolled along the beach just long enough to soak up some salt air and sunshine, and to see what there was to see.

Not much, if you’re one who’s always looking for bird or dramatic landscapes. But there is this:

The Gulf is turning its winter blue-green. Almost emerald green right now. And clear as it can possibly be.


And as far as wildlife is concerned … well, I actually spotted only one tiny ghost crab, and he blended into the sand so well that I never could find him through the camera’s range finder. So I settled for this:


Evidence that a pretty large ghost crab was running laps or something. It just appears that he ran the exact same course over and over.

Wonder what he was looking for?  I hope he found it.  I traced his trail all the way back to his hidey-hole. He must have been a BIG one. But today he wasn’t going to show me his stalky eyes or his mustachie mandibles. So all I got was one shot of his home.



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