New Gulls

waves-1Two days ago, while sitting on the sand at Langdon Beach (GINS), watching some beautiful waves,  I watched three large gulls soar in from somewhere out over the Gulf and settle on the sand right in front of me.


As they walked about slowly, they seemed tired – as if they’d just completed a long journey or something.

I thought they were Herring Gulls, which are fairly common around here, but I later discovered that they’re Ring-bill Gulls, which are not common at all on this part of the coast.


Except at this time of year, when they’re migrating back toward their natural homes up North.

As I said, they seemed tired. Had they just flown in from somewhere down in Mexico? That’s where they spend the winter, according to my Audubon guide. And are they headed for Canada?

Anyhow, they’re beautiful. I hope they make it home safely. Heck! These guys might be from Nova Scotia.


P.S. We’re sitting out on the patio this morning, drinking our coffee and pecking away on our MacBooks. It’s another beautiful morning on the Gulf Coast.

No sight of Trevor, the GBH,  today. I’m guessing he’s hanging pretty close to the colony down at Fort Pickens, and courting the ladies. It’s that time of year.