We Caught Them All

Jerri and I went to FP yesterday to check up on Least Terns and Ospreys before we leave for PA on Saturday.


Our first interesting encounter was this rather surprised looking Yellow Crowned Night Heron, standing ankle deep in a parking lot and


looking rather surprised to see us. Jerri captured both these shots.

Then on along the road, looking for nesting Least Terns, these two

don't you turn your back on me

seemed to be having an argument about something. Maybe he wasn’t bringing her her fish fast enough, as she sat on the nest tending their eggs.


On down the way, at Battery Worth, Big Mama decided not to wait for her fish delivery to take a brief break from the eggs. Maybe just to stretch her wings – because she was back in less than a minute.

And next door


they seemed to have it right – the guy was bringing his mate her share of a pretty nice fish (after he had had his share, of course). Funny thing was – he allowed her to snack on it for a few minutes, then he snatched it up and went away to have some more himself.

Across the way we discovered what may be the first Osprey chick of this year, looking out to see the world.


And down near the fort, where the new ferry landing is, this young GBH crept out from under the walkway to stand facing the sun, in an apparent attempt to either dry his feathers or flash the woman who was fishing just down the beach.flasher-heron


One thought on “We Caught Them All”

  1. All kinds of very human behavior, even if we’re reading into it. Of course personifying these birds is at least half the fun!

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