Finally! A Beaver!

I’ve been told for years that people have spotted a Beaver, maybe more that one, in the waters surrounding the bridge I call Turtle Bridge (along the trail between Fort Pickens itself and Battery Worth (GINS)).

And I had always poo-pood such claims for the simple reason that I never saw it (And I spend a lot more time there throughout the season than most visitors do).

But now …


… I have to believe.

I haven’t seen the actual Beaver yet. But this is a clear sign that there’s at least one in the area. No other animal that I know of would do this.

This is a fairly large Cedar tree that stands on the bank of the slough. I hate to see it taken down, but it seems inevitable.

The funny thing to me is that this is not a moving body of water. It’s an enclosed pond, or slough, or whatever you might call it. The only time it might get an infusion of new water would be from rain or perhaps a hurricane that was powerful enough to bring the Gulf or Santa Rosa Sound up and over its banks.

So why build a Beaver Dam? It’s not blocking a stream of moving water.

Maybe the little guy just wants to build a nice home. And if, as I suspect, he’s alone, maybe he’s hoping that a nice Beaver Lodge will attract a nice Beaver lady.

Good luck little guy! Now maybe I’ll get to see you one of these days.


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