Some Goodies

I haven’t had time to post much lately. But I HAVE been able to get out and take some pretty neat photos.

So, since I still don’t have the time or inclination to write much, here’s a collection of images that have shown up in the past month. Call ’em “pretty birdie shots.”

Green Anole on a cactus next to the trail (obviously, NOT one of the pretty birdies)anole-on-cactus

Big Mama has chosen a mateBM-&-much-smaller-mate

This guy just looked so lonely out there in the fog that morningloner-in-the-fog-2

Big Mama gives an intruder an unwarm welcomego-away-2

The boyfriend is trying to learn the ropes. But she’s not ready yet.foreplay-1I

I think she was just showing off for me.bib-m.-wings-sread

One of the two adult Bald Eagles I’ve seen so far this year at eagle

Big M’s boyfriend makes sure this juvenile Eagle knows he’s not welcome here. In fact, when he cruised through, every Osprey that was nearby went after him, all at once.dive bomber


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