Spring! 2021

I’m reopening the blog (at least for a while) because there’s so much to see these days. I was at Fort Pickens (GINS) on March 3. And here’s a little tour:

Baby Huey! Is that you?

First, there was this guy, just sittin’ & chillin’ outside the campgrounds. Because of the somewhat dusky tone of his white crown I believe this is the same bird I’ve been following for a couple of years now, ever since he was still all brown and a youngster.

And lots of Ospreys that weren’t here a week ago. Right now most of them are still circling and making rude noises at each other. I saw at least a couple of females in the groups. There were at least six or eight soaring over the picnic shelter at Battery Worth and another dozen or so down near Turtle Bridge and the GBH rookery.

Meanwhile, up in the Great Blue Heron rookery, females are sitting on eggs, while their mates are nearby, and occasionally bringing in a new stick or two to reinforce the nest.

The drive from downtown out to FP is still long, with the damaged bridge causing a very long detour. But it’s still worth the trip.

Soon, those GBH eggs will be hatching, and the Ospreys will have paired up or rejoined their old mates and started families of their own. Stay tuned.