Morning on the porch

Since I’m (we’re) not in Florida for a few months, I’ve had to figure out another way to enjoy taking pictures of birds. And since Jerri’s apartment has a wonderful porch where we can sit with our coffee in the morning and drinks in the afternoon, this has become my shooting perch. (By the way, we’re in Wayne, PA – a beautiful community just west of Philadelphia.)

We hung up the hummingbird feeder a few days ago, and almost immediately got our first visitor.  And it wasn’t Gertie Greenbean, our favorite from last year. This one we’ve named Lulu. She’s a beautiful (and I’m pretty sure very young) female Ruby Throat.

lulu posingShe has just about emptied the feeder in only five days. This morning she sat on her favorite perch, which is the top of an artificial tree on the porch, and stuck her tongue out at us.

lulu tongueJerri had never seen this before. So Lulu did it again.

lulu tongue 2

There is also a privet hedge just across the driveway from our porch, and it’s filled with nesting House Sparrows. Apparently, the little ones are fledged out and fliting around, so I discovered one sitting in the middle of the drive, waiting for someone to come along and feed him/her. It was Dad who came to the rescue.

house sparrow feeding the kid

feeding the kid 2

More later …

I must go to get an eye exam and new glasses.


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