Where’s your brother?

With all the holiday weekend traffic, I wasn’t going to go out there today.  But I had to check on the brood.  They’re all well and active. I’m putting together some video.  But, in this shot, one of the three-day-old kiddos has decided to go off for a galavant, and Mom (or is it Dad?) is wondering where he went.

Little sister isn’t telling …


It’s almost time

Mom seems to be contemplating the imminent arrival of the two little beings inside those shells. As of Sunday, May 22, the first egg is 19 days. That’s the normal period before hatching. The second egg is two days behind.

So any time now we’re likely to see a couple of gangly youngsters … and two very busy parents, trying to keep them fed and corralled at the nest.

The biggest problem the adults were having today (Sunday) was keeping the curious – and possibly destructive – gulls away from the nest.


Hello, Babies

She had flown away for a minute or two, after Dad had come in with a fresh fish – which she swallowed whole! – and as she casually strolled back to the nest she took just a moment to greet her soon-to-be-babies before settling down to the serious business of hatching them.hello, babies

Monday – Still Two Eggs

Mom seemed a bit miffed as she squaked for Dad to hurry up with her food. Looks like it’s going to remain two eggs for this season.

It’s funny to watch her. She sits quietly for long periods of time, but as soon as she hears him coming (amid the voices of other birds which she totally ignores) she is up on her toes and calling him in.

Once he drops off the fish, he leaves as quickly as possible – obviously off to find more.